Faran Flad

About Faran Flad

The name Faran Flad means ‘travel splendidly’, comes from old german, celtic and english words. And that’s we want to do, on our musical journey.
Proto-Germanic *faran, from Proto-Indo-European *per-, *por-. Cognate with Old Frisian fara, Old Saxon faran (Dutch varen), Old High German faran (German fahren), Old Norse fara (Danish fare, Swedish fara), Gothic (faran). The PIE root is also the source of Ancient Greek πέραν, Latin portō, Proto-Slavic *p ьratī (Old Church Slavonic перѫ, Russian переть).

PronunciationIPA: /ˈfɑrɑn/

to go; to travel, to journey Nu wylle ic faran. Now will I travel.
Faran Flad is a band that likes to play traditional music and compostitions made by band members.

“Lip-smacking stuff from a joyful singer backed by some madcap bouzouki, guitar, fiddle and bodhran. This four-piece should be a hit at festivals. Play it LOUD in the living room.”
Bob Harragan, Living Tradition


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